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  1. The materials used in the manufacture of safety shoes : a comprehensive guide

    Safety shoes are much more than just work accessories. They are the guardians of your safety in the workplace. To guarantee both comfort and safety for everyone, whether on a construction site, in a laboratory or in a logistics warehouse, it's vital to choose the right materials.
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  2. The History and Evolution of Safety Footwear

    From rustic wooden clogs to today's sophisticated modern footwear, safety footwear has come an extraordinary way, reflecting the transformation of the world of work, safety standards and the constant search for a balance between protection, comfort and style. It's much more than just a shoe, it's a symbol of progress and commitment to worker safety. Over the decades, safety footwear has evolved to become much more than just protective equipment. They have become reliable work companions. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, industry, logistics or any other field, these shoes are designed to meet the specific requirements of each profession, guaranteeing both the protection and well-being of workers. In this article, delve into the captivating history of safety footwear.
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  3. Women's safety shoes : shopping and style tips

    From simple utility equipment to a staple in your professional wardrobe, women's safety shoes have evolved over the years to become a full-fledged fashion accessory. In this article, we will discuss standards, comfort, and, most importantly, style to guide you in choosing a pair of safety shoes that will optimize your professional wardrobe.
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  4. Visit of the Prefect Josiane Chevalier: discovery of the Lemaitre Security 4.0 factory

    The visit of the Prefect Josiane Chevalier, Friday October 14th, was an opportunity to defend the Made in France and to share the Lemaitre expertise.
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  5. CTC Laboratory Approved label 2022

    Congratulations to the “LEMAITRE Sécurité” laboratory team on obtaining the "CTC Laboratory Approved" label. This certification rewards years of hard work and improvements.
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  6. Lemaitre Securite Events and exhibitions

    Follow our Lemaitre teams around the world to meet us and discover our new products.
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  7. How to choose your safety shoes?

    In this video, our partner Bricotest asks the right questions to find "shoe to his feet"!
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  8. "Lemaitre experts present" #03 : Model ENDURO S3

    In this video, Marie, Lemaitre Sécurité's product expert, is proud to present the model of safety shoes ENDURO S3, normed EN 20345.
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  9. COVID-19 informations

    As a result of regulatory sanitary actions taken by the government in regards to COVID-19, Lemaitre Security's activities are temporarily restricted.
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  10. Lemaitre Sécurite member of the FEBELSAFE in 2020

    Lemaitre Sécurité has been acknowledged in 2020 as an official member of Febelsafe.
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