• New website with an integrated e-shop
  • Launch of a new work shoes range (EN 20347), called SP-Light WORK



  • Launch of the SP-Light range, with 12 different models inspired by the world of running.
  • Construction of a dedicated new logistics warehouse.



  • Launch of the Trail PU2D and Trail Vibram®  ranges, specifically designed for Outdoor activities.
  • Creation of several new models: OXYGEN (SPORTY range), DANUBE and DOURO (SAFETIX range), PINK (PARABOLIGHT range)


  • Launch of the Street range of safety sneakers and Parabolight, a collection for women.
  • "Elue par les femmes pour les femmes" (Chosen by women for women) label awarded to the Parabolight collection

2013 / 2014

  • Environmental certification of Lemaitre (ISO 14001)
  • 4X4 range improved - "100% composite" protection
  • Crazy range improved to S3 (addition of a pierce-resistant midsole)
  • Launch of the Adrénaline collection and the Vitamen line: "Vitamine for men"

2011 / 2012

  • Creation of the After Sales service - ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing effective, customer-focused service
  • Launch of the Crazy+ range and ColorConcept (safety footwear customisation service with online configurator): www.colorconceptbylemaitre.com
  • Launch of the Vitamine collection, awarded the "Elu par les femmes pour les femmes" (Chosen by women for women) label


  • Launch of the ultra-trendy CRAZY by LEMAITRE® collection
  • 2010: Gradual introduction of an  environmental management system
  • 2009: ISO 9001:2008 certification


  • Launch of the AXCESS and AXCESS PLUS collections


  • Confirmation of the strategy of specialising in safety footwear. Increase in production capacity after joining one of the leading Indian players in the industry: Rahman Group


  • Introduction of the ParaBolic® concept. Applied to different technical soles to adapt to all types of activity, including the SPORTY by LEMAITRE® range, entirely designed by Jean-Michel Heckel, son of Etienne Heckel.
  • 2003: certification to ISO 9001:2000 


  • ISO 9002 certification


  • Faster pace of international development (setting up of subsidiaries)
  • Know-how exported in a joint venture in South Africa


  • Launch of the first range with dual density polyurethane


    • At the initiative of Etienne Heckel, Etablissements Georges Lemaitre became Lemaitre Sécurité and specialised in manufacturing occupational footwear.