Safety Standards

At Lemaitre, we employ all our expertise and know-how to guarantee your safety, in line with all the current standards.

What are these European standards?

We manufacture two types of shoes:

  • safety footwear that meets standard EN ISO 20345

  • occupational footwear that meets standard EN ISO 20347

95% of the shoes we make come under the safety footwear category, with a 200 J protective toecap that protects the front of the foot against the risk of crushing. Occupational footwear has no protective toecap. Every new model in the LEMAITRE range is systematically sent to the Centre Technique du Cuir de Lyon (CTC, Leather Technical Centre), where it is tested and certified.

This guarantees that the product meets all the requirements of the standard, and above all it guarantees your safety, always our priority!


How to make the right choice?

To choose the right shoe, you need to take account of a number of different parameters:

- the work environment (indoors or outdoors),

- the specific conditions (heat, cold, clean or dirty floors, type of terrain)

- the risks the wearer is exposed to (crushing, slipping, electrocution, etc.)

The table opposite provides all the details needed to choose your work shoes. Start by evaluating the risks you face in your workplace to select the level of protection you need.

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