Anti-perforation inserts

We do everything possible to guarantee the safety of your feet.

The use of pierce resistant midsoles protects you when you step on a blunt or sharp object on your work site.

Standard ISO 20345 determines the level of resistance necessary to protect you against mechanical puncture risks.

A pierce-resistant midsole can resist a static penetration force of 1100 Newton, which is equivalent to the force generated by an 80 kg person walking and placing their foot on a nail with a blunt tip 4.5 mm in diameter.

Two types of midsoles are used for personal protective equipment:

- Midsoles made of high tenacity composite fabric: these have the advantage of being flexible and lightweight. As they are non-metallic, they are non-magnetic.

Composite fabric is a material known for its thermal insulation powers; it does not conduct heat and cold. It covers 100% of the surface of the foot as it is sewn in when the upper is assembled;

- Stainless steel midsoles: these are stronger, but less flexible.

At Lemaitre, we want to go beyond the requirements of the standard. For your safety, in particular on high-risk work sites, we have developed the Duo Protection® patent, which combines the advantages of both these types of midsoles. Duo Protection® was developed in conjunction with a large construction group in order to deal with a specific issue.

More about the DUO-PROTECTION technology