Protective toecaps

Our aim is to ensure your safety: that is why we select the toecaps we use with care.

They protect you against impacts of 200 Joules, which is equivalent to a 20 kg load falling from a height of one metre, and against crushing with a force equivalent to 1500 kg. 

The toecaps we use are certified to European standards and tested regularly in our own measurement and test laboratory.

We use 4 types of protective toecaps in designing our products, depending on their composition:

- aluminium toecaps, thin and very lightweight

- stainless steel toecaps, thin and relatively wide to guarantee comfortable movement

- polycarbonate toecaps offering a high level of heat resistance, lightweight and non-magnetic

They do not set off the alarm on security gate scanners

- composite fibre toecaps, insulating against heat and cold and also non-magnetic





Wide toecap for greater comfort

Ultra-light, non-magnetic, thermal insulation

Wide, very lightweight toecap

Non-metallic, non-magnetic, non-conducting of heat and cold.


Designing a shoe for occupational use means guaranteeing your safety and comfort, whilst producing a shoe that looks good.

This is a balance that has to be found and it may justify using one type of toecap rather than another for reasons of weight, thermal insulation or shape.


- In the event of a substantial impact on your foot, your safety shoes will need to be changed. The impact may have damaged the protective toecap.

You are no longer protected 100%.

- Placing a shop-bought insole inside the shoe reduces the space available for your toes inside the protective toecap.

You are no longer as well protected against the risk of crushing and anti-static risks.