Lemaitre commits to the environment...

Lemaitre Sécurité manufactures safety shoes designed to last. By opting for quality models that resist the test of time, the company also reduces waste and its impact on the environment, in addition to ensuring optimal protection.

Aware of environmental and societal issues, Lemaitre Sécurité innovates by manufacturing its new ranges using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. It incorporates more recycled materials in its ranges and works to reduce manufacturing waste. Lemaitre Sécurité wishes to guarantee the most ethical practices possible in the choice of raw materials and their suppliers.The ranges evolve, but the quality remains the same.

However, this commitment to CSR is not new. In 2017 and 2020 respectively, Lemaitre Sécurité builded a new lowenergy consumption logistics site and its new 4.0 factory in Alsace.

In 2022, Lemaitre Sécurité created its internal label Lemaitre Safety Green. With the desire to manufacture durable, reliable and eco-responsible PPE, the new TRAINER LSG range was born: eco-designed safety shoes made from recycled or recovered materials and components.

... and proves it

  • low environmental impact (carbon footprint 2021: 6 kg CO2e / pair of shoes)
  • social and responsible commitment (CSR), ISO 26 000 and ECOVADIS label, silver medal
  • ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment) certified

Our specifications Lemaitre Safety Green

Lemaitre Safety Green
  • upper materials (upper): > 50% recycled or recovered
  • shoe: > 25% to 30% of recycled or recovered materials (ISO 14021: 2016)
  • reuse of production waste (toe caps and soles)
  • a minimum of 5 recycled or recovered components

  • short circuit with at least 80% of materials
  • from Europe or the Mediterranean basin
  • soles injected in France

  • shoe box made of 100% recycled cardboardshoe box made of 100% recycled cardboard

Lemaitre Circular: recycle your safety shoes with Lemaitre!

Going further. This is the wish of Lemaitre Sécurité, the first French manufacturer of safety footwearto propose a complete circular economy solution: from eco-design to end-of-life management of a product. As a pioneer in the search for recycling solutions and as a participant in the creation of a recovery channel, which is currently non-existent in its industry, Lemaitre Sécurité is proud to propose its Lemaitre Circular pilot project to its commercial partners.

Through the recycling and valorization of used safety footwear labeled Lemaitre Safety Green, Lemaitre Circular will contribute to the development of eco-responsible solutions in the PPE world.

The «unsoiled» used footwear will be collected from distributors who have formally expressed their interest in this project. Containers will be offered in different formats depending on the size of the flow, and on the collection location (retail, factories and workshops).

Finally, the footwear will eventually be integrated into a recycling chain in order to reuse the reusable elements.