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How to choose safety shoes suitable for your job?

Safety shoes in the food industry: prioritizing hygiene and safety

In the agri-food sector, hygiene is an absolute priority to prevent any risk of contamination.

Slip-on moccasin models are favored, reducing areas prone to retaining food debris or bacteria and facilitating their cleaning. They are thus more hygienic.

Given that the agri-food environment poses a high risk of slipping, professionals must choose safety footwear that offer excellent grip to avoid falls on frequently wet and slippery floors.

Therefore, models with protective toe caps and slip-resistant soles, compliant with SRC standards, are particularly suitable for these requirements.

For optimal safety and easy, effective machine maintenance, opt for the BLACKMAX S2 and CARIBU S2. models.

Discover all models adapted to the agri-food sector

Construction trades: comfort and resistance in outdoor conditions

Workers in the construction industry face a variety of constraints: uncomfortable positions, inclement weather, extreme heat, freezing temperatures, etc.

It is therefore imperative to choose safety shoes that offer:

  • Enhanced protection against impacts and falls
  • Good grip on different types of surfaces
  • Adaptation to extreme outdoor conditions (hot and cold)
  • Comfort to limit musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Easy cleaning to eliminate accumulated dirt and debris

Generally, safety shoes suitable for construction trades are made of durable leather and have a protective toe cap to increase their lifespan.

High-top models are recommended to support the ankle, ideally with a gusset to protect the feet from dust and small debris intrusion.

Selecting shoes adapted to the specific constraints of the trade, such as good traction for loose surfaces or increased resistance to corrosive materials, can significantly improve user safety and comfort.

Whether you're a mason, roofer, formworker, heavy equipment operator, etc., at Lemaitre Sécurité, we offer a wide range of shoes tailored to construction trades, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Here's our small selection among our new releases!

DEVIL S3the 0% metal shoe, suitable for areas equipped with metal detectors, resistant to abrasion and heat thanks to its nitrile rubber sole.

LEVANTE S3S : the eco-designed model made of 25% to 30% recycled materials. Its LG (Lader Grip) marked sole makes it the ideal shoe for work on ladders and scaffolding, thanks to its raised heel and grip system.

CONSTRUCTOR S3 : special construction safety boots, made of high-resistance leather, will protect your ankles against lateral impacts. Its VIBRAM® sole, resistant to abrasion and offering excellent grip, is perfectly adapted to the most challenging weather conditions.

Discober all models adapted to construction trades

Logistics and services: flexibility and lightweight

In the logistics and services sectors, where professionals spend long hours in motion, the lightweight and flexibility of safety shoes are essential.

This helps reduce fatigue while supporting the dynamic activity of workers, such as carrying loads or repetitive movements.

Thus, safety sneakers are the ideal choice. With a grippy and shock-absorbing sole, they offer lasting comfort while preventing the risk of slips and falls.

We recommend opting for S3 shoes, such as:

→ The PLANET S3S : sneakers that offer comfort, safety, style, all while being more environmentally friendly.

→ The LILY S3: the feminine, elegant, and stylish model for working comfortably and safely.

chaussure de sécurité PLANET Lemaitre Sécurité

Discover all models adapted to logistics and services professions

The second fix: lightness and safety in all circumstances

Trades in the second fix present specific risks, such as falls, which account for 40% of workplace accidents (source: AMELI).

Artisans in the second fix, such as electricians, plumbers, or carpenters, require shoes that allow them to remain agile and comfortable in all working positions.

To meet these requirements, it is essential to equip yourself with shoes featuring slip-resistant soles to prevent falls, a robust safety toe cap to protect toes from impacts, and a puncture-resistant insert to prevent injuries from sharp objects. These features are essential for navigating second fix job sites safely.

The selection of the appropriate shoe model should consider the specific work environment:

  • For clean and dry indoor spaces, the  ROY S1P ESD model is ideal, offering lightness and protection while allowing efficient dissipation of electrostatic charges, an essential feature for environments where handling electronic equipment is frequent.

  • For enhanced protection in mixed or soiled environments, the RILEY HIGH S3 SRC model proves to be a wise choice, ensuring increased safety through its multiple protections while ensuring comfort and durability, even in the most demanding conditions.

Artisans in the second fix deserve equipment that supports them without compromise. That's why we invite all professionals to explore our comprehensive selection of safety shoes, specially designed to meet the unique challenges of their trades.

Chaussure de sécurité RILEY Lemaitre Sécurité

Discover all models suitable for the second fix

Administrative professions

For professionals working in the field of administration, striking a balance between elegance and safety is paramount, especially when they have to go into the field.

Safety shoes suitable for these professions must offer both reliable protection and a professional style.

That's why we recommend the CHUKKA S3. A city shoe reimagined as a safety shoe. With their elegant design and optimal support, these shoes offer comfort and safety in all elegance. Perfectly suited for managers and executives!

Chaussure de sécurité Derby Lemaitre Sécuritéa

Discover all models suitable for administrative professions

Highway and green space trades

For professionals working outdoors, such as in green space maintenance or road infrastructure management, safety shoes must provide reliable protection against specific risks such as falls, cuts, or weather conditions.

To protect against these risks, we recommend S3 SRC models. Equipped with protective toe caps and slip-resistant soles, these shoes meet these needs by offering optimal grip on various surfaces.

For rugged terrain or wet areas, shoes with a sturdy and water-resistant upper and good traction are essential to ensure safety and comfort.

The ease of cleaning these shoes is also an important criterion to maintain adequate hygiene and extend the product's lifespan.

Whether you are a municipal employee, responsible for green spaces, or a road network or routes operator, Lemaitre offers you numerous models specially designed for you, such as:

MOJAVE S3 : the all-terrain safety boot with dual fitting for men/women

TREKTEX S3: the ranger resistant to all tests that will keep your feet dry while allowing them to breathe thanks to its imper-breathable lining

TENERE SEMELLE ROUGE S3 : the boot specially designed for outdoor professions, with its synthetic fur lining to keep your feet warm in all circumstances

Chaussure de sécurité espace vert Lemaitre Sécurité

Discover all models suitable for highway and green space trades

Industry: comfort and versatility of safety shoes

The industry sector, with its diversity and richness, demands safety equipment that precisely meets its unique needs. Comfort and versatility thus become essential criteria in the choice of safety shoes for industry professionals, whether they work in high-demand areas like heavy industry or less demanding environments like light industry.

For light industry, where precision and mobility are often required, we recommend lightweight shoes that offer superior support and cushioning, such as the RESEDA BAS S1P model, designed for women.

Attention should be paid to the insole, especially for professionals spending long hours standing. A quality insole is crucial to minimize fatigue and prevent muscle pain. In this regard, the FELIX S3 SRC model from the CARBON range is exemplary, combining lightness, cushioning, and resistance thanks to its MEMORY FOAM insole, for optimal comfort throughout the day.

Shoes with special features, such as ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) certification ensuring protection against electrostatic discharges, are essential in many industrial contexts. Our GEORGE LOW S3 SRC model perfectly illustrates this requirement, offering comprehensive protection in environments where electrostatic risks are present.

Discover all models suitable for industry trades


The choice of safety shoes is an important decision that directly impacts your safety and comfort on a daily basis.

By considering selection criteria tailored to your profession, you can optimize your choice to find the pair of shoes that best meets your professional needs.

At Lemaitre Sécurité, we are committed to providing you with quality products designed to combine protection, comfort, and durability.

For any questions or need for personalized advice, our team is at your disposal to help you make the best choice.