Fashion and safety at your feet!

More and more in recent years, female users have been demanding elegant products that respect the morphology of their feet. 

The Parabolight LADIES collection takes into account the female fit in the world of safety, for your greater satisfaction, ladies! 

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Lemaitre Sécurité has opened the way for safety shoes specially developed for the female foot with the emblematic Paraboline range. Winning recognition and awards, this collection has been a huge success.

And our R&D department certainly wasn't going to stop there. Always keeping up with the latest trends and needs on the ground, our designers wanted to create a women's range that was even lighter and more flexible, whilst integrating 0% metal protective components.

This is how the Parabolight, a refined version of the Paraboline, came into being.

The Parabolight Libert’in collection combines the sensuality of a full grain leather with warm, fashionable feminine colours: chocolate, plum, aniseed green and intense black. Trendy colours, sleek lines, stylised malleolar protection, this shoe will steal your heart.

The Parabolight sole has a structured tread design inspired by winter tyres to improve adherence and stability. As well as the Libert’in models, the Parabolight collection also includes chic urban and sporty models. In 2015, Brunelle, a Parabolight model, was awarded the "Elu par les femmes pour les femmes" (Chosen by women for women") label.

"We are driven by an everyday passion to create, design, imagine, make unique safety shoes", Manuela, R&D