RED ESD anatomical insock


Hygienic comfort sole particularly designed for ESD safety shoes. It allows the dissipation of static electricity and the protection of handled electronic components.

€18.86 €15.72

Comfort insock contributing to static dispersion and protection when handling electronic components.

  • Foot ventilation: light, very comfortable and highly breathable polyurethane foam insole with a density of 80 to 90 kg / m³.
  • Innovative insole: optimized anatomical shape 
  • Hygienic solution with activated carbon: respects sensitive skins 
  • Shock absorption zone in the heel: energy restitution, relieves muscles and joints
  • Abrasion resistant sole: long-lasting performance

Find the RED ESD sole on the ESD models of the SPORTY range.

Comes as a three-pack with ESD shoes and ESD socks.

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