BLACK ESD crew sock


CONDUCTIVE ESD SOCK: dissipation of the static charges & protection of electronic components. Anti-bacterial treatment. Conductive carbon fibers over all the plantar surface. ESD socks ensure proper connection to ground when wearing ESD shoes.
Composition: 76% cotton, 17% polypropylene, 5% carbon fiber, 2% elastane

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Freshness and lightness at your feet

• Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties thanks to Silver Protection® silver ion treatment.
• Effective, lasting foot hygiene protection, limitation of unpleasant odours

Breathability for the feet

• Perspiration wicked to the outer layer of the fabric thanks to the use of water-repellent polypropylene fibres
• Quick drying, good thermal insulation.
• Breathable section around the instep, ventilated fabric underneath the foot. Permanent air replacement.

Dissipation of the static charges

• Protection against electrostatic discharge thanks to the use of conductive carbon fiber (resistance of 2,1x105 Ω.cm).
• Effective contact with the ground when worn with ESD safety shoes.

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